Facesitting Slave - Slaves serving their mistresses - Page 46

This man gets turned into a human seat cushion when his hot redhead mistress got home from work. She makes him lie down on the couch to punish him. She then sits right on top of his face, crushing his nose with her hard jeans. After that, she slides her jeans down, showing off her nice ass. She then puts her bare ass on top of his nose, smothering him with it.

This slave lies down on his back on the hard floor with a mask man. His mistress is standing over top of him while she is only wearing some panties and a tank top. She begins to lower her ass and wet pussy right down onto his face, using his face as her seat. He takes the full weight of her crushing ass on top of his face and he loves it.

This sexy blonde mistress has a beautiful body and you can see just how beautiful it is while she is wearing her black bra and pink panties. She has her brunette friend over and decides to wrestle her friend to the ground and then she turns her into her facesitting slave. She smothers her with her ass, making her smell her stinky ass while she smothers her, crushing her nose.

Mistress Isa is having some fun with her blonde facesitting slave today. She makes him lie down on the hard floor while she squats down over top of his face. She puts her wet pussy right on top of his nose and wiggles his nose until it goes right between her tight pussy lips. She makes sure that he is smothering and when he breathes he can only smell her pussy.

Poor man lies down while his sexy mistress sits right on top of his face while he is masked. He tries to struggle, but he is cuffed and there is not much he can do while she is crushing his nose. She makes his nose go right between her ass cheeks and smothers him. When he breathes in, he is forced to smell her stinky asshole. She is amazed that he can take her full weight.

Cynthia is having a great time with one of her friends. She invites her sexy friend over and she is into facesitting, but her friend has never really tried it before. That is when Cynthia decides that it is time to turn her friend into a facesitting slave. She makes her lie down on the ground and then does a split over top of her face, putting her ass on her face and crushing her nose.

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