Facesitting Slave - Slaves serving their mistresses - Page 13

Mistress Roxana loves facesitting on losers. And she is the kind of person who loves it when other people are miserable. She was even happier today given that she was the one behind the misery that this loser was facing. She had facesat on the loser and made sure the loser was not breathing properly. The loser peed her pants as she was faceast on as her pleas for mercy were ignored.

Madame Marissa summoned this loser to her house and she gave him a piece of her mind. She was not happy with his behavior and she felt that talking to him and especially giving him a dressing down would change him. But she could see he was not apologetic and that did not go down well with her. To make sure he got the message, the mistress facesat on him and she crushed his face with her ass in jeans. She wanted to prove a point that she would not hesitate to use any means necessary to make him change.

Goddess Allie has a large ass and she loves it. She likes it because it is ideal for humiliating guys the way she loves doing. She has a fetish for facesitting on losers, and she does it any chance she gets. For her, this is not limited to when someone has pissed her off. She can do it when she is bored, when she is happy and even when she is sad.

Many mistresses have sexy asses. And they all use them differently. For this mistress, her ass was meant to humiliate guys. It was sexy and it was easy to use it to lure guys and humiliate them. She did not need to try hard. It was easy for her to do it and that is why she enjoyed it. She likes to challenge herself to make them do outrageous things and today she asked this guy to lick her ass after she had facesat on him and almost choked him.

Mistress Austria does not like guys who do not listen and understand things. That was what this guy was and she did not like it. She chose to use her ass to correct and punish him. She facesat on him in the bed and she laughed at how he cried like a sissy when she covered his face with her ass. He had never been as humiliated as he was that day.

Mistress Jane was shocked to learn that this guy had never been facesat on before. She told him it was an experience he needed to have. He agreed thinking it would turn her on and he would get the easiest chance ever to fuck her. But instead of it coming to that, she enjoyed riding his face and rubbing her clit and pussy on it until she came. He had a good time smelling them but he did not like how he nearly got choked.

Mistress Ava Black and her friends Mistress Adreena as well as Mistress Ava Austen wanted to have a little bit of fun with this guy. They lured him with the promise of a foursome, something he had never had before. But instead of the foursome, the mistresses facesat on him and they choked him. But they also rubbed their clits and pussies on his face until they came before they sent him away.

Mistress Natasha is a cruel person but her slave did not know that. He assumed that she was not but he was wrong. She beat the shit out of him and made sure he learned his lesson the hard way. She used her sexy ass to facesit on him and choked him as he struggled to breathe. He could not do anything and had to endure all that was thrown at him.

Lady Aurelia took this guy to her torture chambers for a session with him. He had refused all her attempts to have a deal with him. This was her final attempt and she did it cruelly. She crushed him with her boots, she facesat on him and she degraded him like he had never been degraded before. He had to say yes to her for her to let him go.

Lady Betty did not like how her slave embarrassed her in front of her friends. She had to make sure he did not embarrass her again so she choked him as she facesat on him. She did all manner of things as she facesat on him. She crushed his face and she farted on him too. She wanted him to learn that embarrassing her was a direct ticket to humiliation and torture.

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