Facesitting Slave - Slaves serving their mistresses

Mistress Joleen wanted to instruct this girl on what to do and she felt that the best way to do it was to use her facesitting fetish. She went on to make her lie down on the couch and she cruelly facesat her and turned her into a facesitting slave. The girl had no choice but to do all the things that the mistress wanted as she was scared shitless.

This guy wasted this mistress' time and she was not ok with it. She had to make sure that the guy learned never to do it again. That is why she chose to facesit him and to rub her clit on his face. She also farted on him before she was done but the main thing she wanted was to cum at this expense and at the same time humiliate him.

Lady Scarlet wanted this girl to be roughed up and to learn that pissing her off was not a good idea. That is why she chose to facesit her and to send a cruel message. In addition to facesitting her, the mistress chose to rub her clit with high heels to make it painful and humiliating as well. It worked out and the girl got scared and never pissed her off again.

Goddess Stephanie needed to cum but this guy did not make her. She was not pleased with that and she had to make sure she did whatever she could to cum. That is why she opted to facesit him and rub her clit and pussy on his face until she came. That is exactly what she did. It was fun for her and she was able to get the satisfaction she wanted.

This guy was a snob and for that, he had to be punished as well as humiliated. This mistress felt that it was up to her to dominate as well as humiliate him and she did not hesitate to do it. She had fun facesitting him and ensuring that he learned a lesson never to snob people the way he was used to. The punishment worked and he stopped being a snob.

This mistress was not only interested in facesitting this guy, but she was also interested in torturing him and crushing his balls. That is what she went ahead to do and it was cruel and brutal for him. He never messed up after what she did to him because he did not want to feel again, what the cruel mistress had made him feel as she facesat him and ballbusted him.

Madam Mysteria could not stand the fact that this guy had insulted her. Of course it was not a physical assault but it was an assault all the same. She had to punish and dominate him and she did it with her ass. She facesat him and she choked him and also crushed his dick. He was turned on even though he was being humiliated but she left him high and dry.

Lady Naomi does not like unreliable people. When she noticed that this guy was, she had to punish him and she did it in a way he did not expect. The mistress had fun torturing the guy and she farted on him to choke him a little before she let him go. She told him that she could do worse things to him but only if he did not stop being unreliable.

This mistress needed to send a message to this guy so that he would be afraid of her and he would not piss her off. That is why she chose to cruelly facesit him. And she even asked her friend to help her do it. They both sat on his face and choked him in the process. He was shocked and he cried at what the mistresses did to him.

Goddess Stephanie felt pity for this guy and she decided to facesit on him for his birthday. She knew he always wanted to get a taste of her pussy but he was going to do it with his mouth as opposed to his dick. So she facesat him and she had him lick her pussy. When he was done, she choked him a little with her ass and pussy before she got up, got dressed and left.

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