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Madame Svea does not like to argue with someone or to try and convince them when she knows she has a shortcut to getting whatever she wants. She has a great ass and she loves using it to get what she wants. She used it today to tease this guy and facesit on him. The horny guy did what she wanted because she controlled him and he was powerless against her charm.

The main motivation behind this mistress' love for facesitting is for her to cum. She loves to facesit on her facesitting slave and to have him lick her pussy as well as her clit and make her have a crazy orgasm. She does not have any other need for a slave other than using him to cum. She, however, cannot fuck her slave and he is only good for giving her head.

Facesitting comes naturally for this mistress. She has a great ass and she loves to have fun with it. She loves to both have fun with it as well as to punish with it. That is what she did to this loser today. She got the loser to lick her ass and she choked him as she facesat on him. She also wiggled her ass and rubbed her pussy against his face and enjoyed it.

Goddess Liana and her boyfriend had a disagreement. She was not happy with him and she facesat on him as punishment. She crushed his head as she sat on him and she even farted on him to punish him even further. She was wearing jeans which made it even more painful to him. She wanted him to learn that she was not a pushover and that she would stand her ground whenever she needed to.

Mistress Natasha did not mind dominating this loser. She did it with her sexy ass in jeans and it was even better because he endured it all after she had lied to him that it turned her on. He waited for her to get turned on and ride him, but instead, it was him who kept getting hurt and was in a lot of pain. When he could not take it anymore, he ran away.

Mistress Melissa used her flirting to turn on this guy and make him do naughty things. She had him lick her ass and she got him to endure her facesitting. He did not get anything in return and had to do all she wanted. She made him think she would give him what she wanted but when she had enough fun at his expense, she sent him away and told him they will try next time.

Mistress Melady and her friend Cindy took advantage of this loser and they humiliated him for fun. They did not care what he felt. All they cared about was that they had fun. He was facesat on and made to endure a lot of humiliation. The mistresses tied him up to ensure there was no resistance to what they wanted to do to him. They even made him smell their farts.

Mistress Sabrina used her jeans to facesit on her slave. She wanted to give him a cruel punishment and that is what she did. She knew her jeans would hurt his face when she facesat on him so she used it and she had fun making him feel pain. But she was impressed with how well he contained the pain and endured it. He did not make a sound as she humiliated him.

Madame Marissa wanted to find out whether her slave was hardy or he was a sissy. She used her facesitting fetish to find out and she was shocked to learn he was a sissy who projected the image of a tough guy. She choked him as she facesat on him and he cried and screamed like a little guy. She laughed her heart out when she saw him screaming and knew he was a sissy.

Mistress Natasha likes to tease guys and then dominate them. She likes to present extreme fetishes for them knowing that they would not like it or would cry like babies. She wanted to try facesitting so after she had teased this guy, she crushed his head and sat on his face choking him in the process. He cried and begged for mercy and after she had had her fun, she told him that his crying like a sissy was the reason she could not fuck him.

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