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Check out this hot blonde mistress that has the perfect toy for her facesitting slave. She has a nice leather seat cushion that enables her slave to put his head right inside of the seat and then she can set on top of his face. She puts her ass right on top of his face while she is wearing some sexy lingerie. She smothers him a little bit, but he can still smell her ass.

We all know that sexy black women always have the nicest asses you are ever going to come across and that is why this facesitting video is so hot. She makes her slave lie down on the bed with his head right at the foot of it. After that, she lowers her booty right on top of his face, putting his nose right between her ass cheeks and smothers him.

This hot babe was blessed with a perfect round ass that she certainly does not mind to show off whenever she gets the chance. She makes her boyfriend lie back and she pulls down her pants, showing off her sexy ass to the camera. Next, she sits right on top of his face, making sure his nose is right between her tight ass cheeks so every time he breathes in he has to smell her asshole.

This masked slave lies down on the ground while this sexy brunette babe walks in wearing black high heels and decides to sit down on his face. She just loves facesitting and she is going to show her love to her facesitting slave. She puts her tight ass right on his face, crushing his nose between her ass cheeks. She doesn't get off until he is almost completely smothered by her ass.

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