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This hot blonde babe has a boyfriend that is willing to do absolutely anything in order to please her. Well, she wanted him to become her own personal seat cushion. She made him lie down on the ground and she rubbed her tight ass all over his face through her tight black pants. After that, she took down her pants showing off her bare ass and rubbed it on his nose.

Sara has a bit of a wild side to her and she just loves to punish her slaves by sitting right on top of their faces. This woman lies back while Sara is wearing some nice see-through black pants. She puts her round ass right on top of her face and smothers her with her nice ass. When this girl breathes in she can smell her smelly asshole. She does not get off until she is finished, either.

This annoying house guest has been hanging out with Cynthia and he comes home after a late night of partying, so she decides that she is going to punish and humiliate him a little bit. While he is lying down, she climbs on top of him and puts her panty covered round ass right on top of his face. She smothers him with her smelly ass and when he breathes her has to smell her asshole.

These two women walk into the room to find their masked slave lying down on the couch fast asleep. They decide that they are going to punish and humiliate him by sitting right on top of his head. They put both of their weight on top of his body, crushing him and making it extremely difficult for him to breathe. This will be a facesitting experience he will not forget soon.

This woman is extremely flexible as she is always training herself in yoga. She is doing yoga while her slave is around so she decides that she is going to punish him by doing some of her yoga work outs on top of his face. She puts her ass right on his face, crushing his nose and putting it between her round ass cheeks. She definitely controls his breathing with her nice ass.

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